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Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Coeur d’Alene

The wisdom teeth are third molars that erupt from late adolescence into early adulthood, usually from age 16 to 24. Sometimes wisdom teeth appear as late as the early 30s. There is rarely enough room in the gum for the teeth to fully emerge. Impaction, infection, and other issues may occur as a result. Most wisdom teeth require extraction to protect dental and oral health. Dr. Filip Orban performs the extraction of wisdom teeth in Coeur d’Alene -- keep reading to learn more about the procedure.

Why Wisdom Teeth Exist

Why do some people have third molars if they usually need to be taken out, anyway? That’s a good question. Long ago, humans needed wisdom teeth to meet the demands of a diet that consisted of raw meat, roots, nuts, and other difficult-to-chew items. Tooth loss was also common, which meant that third molars came in handy. Today, our diet is easier to manage, dental hygiene has improved, and we no longer need the third molars. But our mouths haven’t yet evolved. The majority of wisdom teeth require extraction to ease or prevent pain and other problems.

Problems Associated with Wisdom Teeth

It’s rare that wisdom teeth emerge without issue. Do you suspect you or your child are experiencing problems related to the third molars? Discomfort in the back of the jaw is a likely indicator of a wisdom tooth that needs to be extracted. But you should know that sometimes, wisdom teeth do not present problems at all.

Potential side effects of wisdom teeth include...

Teenagers should have their mouths x-rayed to see whether or not wisdom teeth are present beneath the gums, and if they are likely to present problems if they do exist. Preventive wisdom tooth removal may be chosen for teenagers, as the procedure is easier in younger patients.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The removal of wisdom teeth is a common oral procedure performed at Orban Family Dental. Local anesthesia combined with sedation helps you or your loved one relax throughout wisdom tooth extraction. Once you are totally comfortable, Dr. Orban opens the gum and removes the wisdom tooth in a single piece or in multiple parts.

The recovery following wisdom tooth extraction requires rest, relaxation, and a few days with a soft foods diet. Nutritious, easy-to-eat foods will keep the wound healthy and speed your recovery. Vegetable purees, fruit smoothies, scrambled eggs, and fish are all good options post-tooth extraction. Avoid sucking out of a straw until stitches have been removed.

Let’s Discuss Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Do you have one or more wisdom teeth in need of extraction? Or would you like to find out whether or not your teen will require the removal of one or more third molars? Please get in touch with Orban Family Dental. Schedule an appointment today!