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Dental Hygiene and Cleanings – Coeur d’ Alene

Achieve Optimal Oral Health with Routine Visits!

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Did you know that an overwhelming majority of dental disease is preventable? With the right oral care habits, you can avoid most dental disease, including decay, gum disease and tooth loss. Part of maintaining long-term oral health is having committed daily oral care habits and visiting a dentist every six months for cleanings and checkups. Our office provides comprehensive exams and thorough cleanings to ensure that present issues are caught early and that future issues are prevented before they develop. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Filip E. Orban by contacting his office today!

The Importance of Oral Hygiene and Professional Cleanings

When it comes to long-term oral and overall health, the benefits of regular dental visits and oral hygiene are two-fold. For one, oral hygiene makes up an overwhelming majority of your dental care, which means establishing an effective routine and technique now will make a huge difference for your future health. It’s truly the most effective way to prevent dental disease and reduce future health care costs in the process.

While at-home care is important, professional cleanings are necessary for removing calcified plaque that develops on the teeth in gums. This is known as tartar and can only be removed safely and effectively by a dental professional. Professional cleanings also help you remove plaque and tartar from areas of the mouth that over-the-counter products cannot reach.

Expectations for Your Professional Cleaning

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During your cleaning, Dr. Orban will carefully remove all dental plaque, tartar and harmful bacteria from your mouth and all surfaces of your teeth. Afterwards, your teeth will receive a thorough polishing and fluoride treatment for additional protection, especially if you’re a younger patient. After your cleaning, you’ll also be given tips on how to improve your at-home care routine. Our office may recommend specific products to aid you in your path to long-term oral health.

If you have developed gum disease or frequent tooth decay, we may recommend multiple visits to properly manage it. Cleanings are typically needed once every six months, but those with dental disease may require them once every three to four months depending on your unique case.

Practicing Oral Care At Home

As mentioned, oral care is essential to perfect in between your routine cleanings. Basic oral care consists of brushing twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste and flossing daily. You should always brush for at least two minutes at a time, but not any longer than three minutes. It’s a common misconception that longer brushing means better cleaning, when in reality you can easily wear down tooth enamel by brushing too long. Avoid snapping floss as well to prevent accidental erosion of enamel.

While these steps are the bare minimum you should follow, you can also benefit from including over-the-counter oral rinses designed to reduce plaque development and gingivitis. If you require a stronger product to combat dental disease, our office can provide prescription-strength toothpastes and other professional-grade products to enhance your at-home oral care.